Hydraulic and Industrials Fittings and Hoses – Dallas Texas

Hydraulic Hose Services

Hose Fast has an extensive inventory of durable, custom hydraulic and industrial fittings and hoses for a variety of industries. We provide hose and hose assemblies for a variety of applications including factories, municipalities, construction, rental, carpet cleaning and pressure washing companies in the Dallas - Ft.Worth, Texas area.

We carry a wide range of hydraulic and industrial hose products and assemblies including Air Hoses, Push Lock Hose, Tank Truck Hose, Regulators, Pressure Gauges, Suction and Discharging Assemblies, Air Valves, Chemical Transfer, Carpet Cleaning/Steam Cleaning Hose, Marine and Petroleum.

Hydraulic and Industrial Hose

We are a stocking Goodyear distributor for the items below:

  • Air hose
  • Goodyear Gorilla Air Hose
  • Green Suction
  • Instagrip Push-loc Hose (Rubber Covered) Black, Red and Blue
  • Instagrip Push-loc Hose (Cotton Covered) Black
  • Blue discharge
  • Clear tubing
  • Clear Nylon Reinforced Tubing
  • Diesel Pump Hose
  • Artrac Abrasive Material Hose
  • Spiraflex Aggie PVC

Misc Industrial Hose Assemblies

  • 3/4 X 50 Jackhammer hoses
  • 3/8 X 50 3000 and 5000 PSI
  • 3/8 X100 3000 and 5000 PSI
  • Blue smooth Covered Carpet Cleaning hoses
  • Single braid Contractor Mill hose

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